The Forensic Psychology Clinic is devoted to providing comprehensive and quality forensic psychological evaluations for legal personnel and various courts. In addition, The Forensic Psychology Clinic is focused on providing training to state-wide and national agencies regarding evidence-based mental health treatment for abused and neglected children and delinquent youth.

Forensic Psychology Services

Child Protection Evaluations

  • Parenting Capacity Evaluations - assessment of a parentís ability to safely and adequately parent to assist with permanency planning, changes to visitation, and/or service needs
  • Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) Evaluations
  • Consent to Adoption Evaluations
  • Sibling Permanency Evaluations - assessment of a sibling relationship to assist with permanency planning

Adult-Criminal and Juvenile Justice Evaluations

  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Miranda Evaluations
  • Sentencing Evaluations - assessment of mental health and risk and protective factors as it relates to recidivism for the purposes of sentencing and treatment planning
  • Adult Death Penalty Evaluations

Expert Testimony

Tiffany Masson, Psy.D. has provided expert testimony in numerous courts. She offers concise answers to questions asked, which are grounded in scientific research and relevant literature. Additionally, she explains opinions in understandable terms without the use of psychological jargon.

Evidence-Based Training and Treatment Services

Dr. Masson provides state-wide and national presentations about evidence-based care and trauma-informed practice for caseworkers, clinicians, and decision-makers working with maltreated children and delinquent youth. In addition, she provides training (train-the-trainer model) and consultation to agencies regarding the development of evidence-based treatment. The purpose of the trainings and agency consultation is to increase the number of evidence-based treatment sites in Illinois, reduce unnecessary mental health care costs, and decrease the incidents of abuse/neglect and recidivism among delinquent youth.

Licensed in Illinois and California.